Rain Forest Cafe

Three years ago I went to a place where fairy tales are real and princesses came to hug you and Mickey Mouse was everywhere.’Where are we going to eat?’I asked’ Rain forest cafe!My aunt Carmen said with delight.For it was my eighth birthday!

I started to laugh as I saw Mickey Mouse walk over to us ‘Hello’I waved.He waved back with the biggest smile on his face. I alerted him as Donald Duck came looking more angry than usual.Under that big smile I saw an angry duck. Mickey waved and ran so fast that Donald could not catch up.

‘Phew’ I sighed as we made it to the cafe.’I’m said.
‘I’m so hungry I could eat a whole cow!’My aunt Carmen exaggerated
We went in to our amazement we see a giant gorilla!It was like a jungle.Then a booming’One Hour Till Fireworks’The waiter approached us.’ Do you have anything important for birthdays?’ My aunt Carmen asked ‘Why of coarse’ he said with a shine in eyes.Two minutes after… he came with a big sundae you could see the melted fudge over the cream colored ice cream with the sweetest whipped cream and the brightest cherry.

After devouring the sundae we went to the castle.We heard a loud ‘pop’.Red,Green, and Gold filled the sky the castle changed to gold and Tinkerbell flew right over us.I loved going to here.From This visit I leaned that some stories are real!

William Henry Harrison

William Henry Harrison was born in Virginia Feb.9  1773

William Henry Harrison  was a  military officer

He went to Hempton – Sidney collage

He was young

William Henry Harrison

he was old

He was the ninth President

William Henry Harrison died at age 68

William Henry Harrison was the first President to die in office

Pearl Harbor

Peril in Honolulu, Hawaii

Eeek world war two has begun

A date to live in infamy

Rip,bam, guns everywhere

Last world war

Happened at Dec.7 1941

Arizona ship memorial

Rad men that would give their life for our country


Oh no Japan is attacking Honolulu

Raleigh,st.Louis,and dale